3:03 pm - Sunday December 21, 2014

Vermicelli Zarda


  •  Vermicelli                                 ½ kg
  • Almond                                      10 (Fine Chopped)
  • Green Cardamom                  6 (1tsp Milled it with sugar )
  • Ghee                                           4 tbsp
  • Sugar                                           3 cup
  • Pistachio                                    10 (Fine Chopped)
  • Water                                         1 cup


  1. Heat ghee in a cooking bowl, when become hot add cardamom.
  2. When feels fragrance put vermicelli in it and roast it, then take out in a spread dish.
  3. Put sugar and water in a cooking bowl and cook it and put roasted vermicelli and mawa in it and cook on light flame.
  4. When water gets dry take out in a spread dish and garnish silver paper on it.

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