6:11 pm - Sunday December 21, 2014

Cure of Stone in Kidney

Take coconut water and syrup of grapes for the best result.
stomach pain

Cure of Stomach Pain

If your child got pain in his/her stomach then heat up Asafetida (heeng) apply it over Navel (naaf).

Chickenpox Prevention

1. Include figs (anjeer) in your diet every day. Children irritability 2. Rub a nutmeg (jaiphal) lightly against a smooth grinding stone in milk and feed children who cry out at night without any apparent reasons. Chills 1. Instead of your...

Get lost thing back (khoyi hui chez milne ka wazifa)

Kio cheez gum ho jaye to dewar ko bina choye ishare se shahadat wali ungli se dewar pe likehin 786 ya Moosa ya Kaleem likehin inshALLAH cheez mill jaye gi. jab mill jaye to jahan likha tha ishare se usay ishare se wapis mita dein. //
bed bugs

Avoid BedBugs

First of all apply some sulfur's smoke on effected areas. Mix Carom seeds (ajwain) powder in a warm water and spray it on effected areas. Fill up the effected areas with mint leaves. Apply Neem water on effected areas. InshALLAH you will...

Aankhon k totkay

Agar aankh jaldi jaldi jhapakte hay to 1 week tk har khanay kay bad 1 tea spoon honey khaen. Aankhon ke thakan kay liye 2 tea spoon safaid zeera lain is mein 10 tea spoon pani dalin aur 1 hour kay liye bhigoo dain. pher chaan kar cotton pani...