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The saree is a traditional garment for women. It comprises a long single piece of fabric, approximately 5.5 metres in length and 1 metre in width, expertly wound around a woman’s body, with the loose end thrown over the shoulder. Worn with a choli, or short, fitting blouse, the fabric itself can be very detailed. Look closely and you might just see real gold or silver threads! Buy some saree fabric that takes your fancy, and turn a simple modern pattern into a stunning outfit.

Saree is a rectangular piece of unstitched fabric which is draped in a very fascinating manner. The length of the this fabric is  6 yards ( 5 meters) long. This is a one piece of clothing which fits all.. fat or thin short or tall!!! The traditional 6 yard saree allows for generous pleating, and draping around the body and over the shoulders almost Grecian in style. The loose end of the fabric, which is thrown over the left shoulder, is known as ‘Pallu’. Pallu usually has extensive design or embroidery woven into it. There is a petticoat , or a slip, which is worn under the saree which holds the saree in place.Along with the saree is a blouse, which unattached to it. The blouse is a tight fitting item of clothing, and adds a fashion statement to the saree. The sleeve length of the blouse is dictated by the hottest Indian film stars. The sleeve length travels from full sleeves to half sleeves to sleeveless over a period of time. Saree is very flattering to all shapes and sizes and forgiving of the various flaws. It can ingeniously conceal the extra flab of fat, or it can accentuate the well proportioned curve — It is just a matter of how you drape the saree. This garment is in style for over 5000 years for the simple reason of its simplicity and practical usage.

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