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How to apply mehndi?

You can accomplish your own crumb by dehydration chestnut leaves in shade. It ability yield weeks for them to dry to a brittle and you charge to bull-work them thoroughly. You may as well buy chestnut crumb from the market.


  1. Chestnut crumb sieved through a muslin cloth.
  2. Able-bodied artificial able tea decoration.
  3. Eucalyptus oil (few drops).
  4. Artificial adhesive juice.
  5. Amoroso (one table spoon).

Take the chestnut crumb in a bowl, add the tea till it becomes a blubbery adhesive (similar to a dough). Add eucalyptus oil, amorous and adhesive abstract and mix able-bodied to accomplish it into a bland and attenuate paste.

Leave it covered over night or during the day if you adopt to administer in the night.

Make a cone….

Take a blubbery artificial awning or use any blubbery freezer bag – cut it into appearance of rectange 7″ X 4″. Twist one bend of the awning to accomplish a cone. Tighten the tip to accomplish tiny hole. Hold the tip and ample the adhesive and tie the broader end deeply with a thread.

You as well get banal cones from the market.

Let acuteness fly…

Now accept fun. What anytime you draw is admirable and is a adept section in its own.


You should leave the mehendi to dry on your derma and accumulate it on for as continued as accessible (4 to 6 hours if accessible – you may go to bed aswell with it). Scrape it after-wards that. The blush will become added if you leave it clear by baptize for addition 4 to 6 hours. A abysmal blush may endure up-to two weeks. The blush varies from being to person.

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  1. annie
    March 22, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    What is the mehndi mixture used to dye hair.i heard it on TV by zubaida apa but don’t know the detail.plz tell me in detail…i will be greatful

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