8:32 pm - Friday December 19, 2014

Falsay Ka Sharbat


  • Grewia (Falsay)                                1 kg
  • Water                                   3 cup
  • Black Salt                             sprinkle
  • Sugar                                    1 kg
  • Lemon                                 4


  1. Wash Grewia (faslay) finely then boil in 3 cup of water, then put into a sieve and take out its pulp.
  2. Put pulp and sugar in a cooking bowl then cook it, when sugar is mixed then take it off and cool it.
  3. Now put lemon juice and black salt in it and put it into a plastic box and freeze it.
  4. When want to have its juice, take out 1 spoon of its freeze pulp and put into a glass of water.
  5. Make juice in this way.
  6. You can put mint leave on it.

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