10:40 pm - Monday December 22, 2014

Daam Pukht Biryani


  • Meat-2 kg
  • Ghee-375 grams
  • Large cardamom-2 tola
  • Saffron-2 masha
  • Ginger-5 tola
  • Rice-1kg
  • Clove-2 tola
  • Yogurt-2 kg
  • Onion-half kg
  • Cumin seed-as required
  • Black pepper-1 tola


  • Marinate the meat with salt, saffron, onion and gainer and leave for a while.
  • Then add cumin seed, large cardamon and remaining saffron into yogurt after grinding them, spread this mixture on the meat slices and place in the bottom of the boiler and add some ghee in it.
  • After then that seal the mouth of viler with flour and provide wooden flame.
  • Check the boiler on and off. When it gives the sound of ghee then consider its yogurt is dries. Keep low fire and heat it over burning coals.
  • After then that open up the sealed boiler and add remaining ghee in it and place the fire surrounding above it.
  • And again draw it again from the close fire. For all the family and guests delicious Dum pukht biryani is ready now. Serve the eaters.

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