4:30 pm - Sunday December 21, 2014

Chikoo Ice Cream


  • Chikoo                                                  1 kg
  • Condensed milk                            2 boxes
  • Cream                                                2 packets
  • Vanilla ice cream powder          2 cup
  • Fresh Milk                                        2 cup


  1. Peel off Chikoo and take out its pulp in a big bowl, then add condensed milk and cream in pulps.
  2. Combine milk with vanilla ice cream powder in that manner so it becomes enough thick, now add this thick mixture with Chico pulps and grind them in grinder.
  3. Take an air tight and empty box in freezer 2 hours before making ice cream.
  4. Take box out from freezer, put Chico and milk mixture in it and put it in freezer again after 24 hours ice cream will be ready.
  5. To serve take it out in a sweet bowl and sprinkle walnuts on it and have it with cream & wafers.

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